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Daytime saving from June 1; 40% Pakistanis are unhappy

ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry has notified implementation of ‘Daylight Saving’ from June 1 in pursuance of the Cabinet decision. According to the notification clocks would be advanced by one hour to save an hour of the daytime in summer in order to save power. According to Gallup Survey of Pakistan, thirty-seven percent respondents were happy with this decision, 40pc were unhappy, 23pc did not give any views.

Recently the Government of Pakistan announced that from June 2008 Pakistan Standard Time will be moved on hour ahead to conserve electricity and utilize daylight during long summer days. Additionally, respondents were asked whether this method of conserving electricity would be a success or failure. Twenty-nine percent said it would prove successful while almost half the respondents (48 %) said it would fail.

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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