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Afghan War Could Last A ‘Generation’

OTTAWA: Canadian troops could be stationed in Afghanistan for “a generation”, a senior politician has warned. In an exclusive interview with KOS Media, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg paid tribute to a county regiment currently stationed in the dangerous Helmand Province. During a visit to the region, Mr. Clegg spent time with soldiers from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, who are in the midst of a grueling tour of duty in the war zone.

Troops from the county’s regiments have been a regular presence in Afghanistan since the conflict began. And Mr. Clegg said that the Army would have to remain there for a very long time yet before its work is done. He warned that destroying the country’s opium fields could push locals into the arms of the Taliban and raised concerns over soldier’s pay and the standard of their vehicles.

Mr. Clegg criticized the way military funding is prioritized. His comments follow concerns voiced to KOS Media by Admiral the Lord Boyce in December. The former chief of defense staff warned of a “huge imbalance” between military commitments and funding and claimed that the “slice of the country’s budget” spent on defense had shrunk. For the full interview with Mr. Clegg, see today’s Saturday Observer-SANA

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