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PM served legal notice: HRI

LAHORE: Chairman Of Human Rights International-HRI Mr. Anwar Aleemi has said that in couple of days the Prime Minister of Pakistan would receive the legal notice given by him served on him under the provisions of Article 5(2) of The Constitution of Pakistan. According to the HRI chairman, every the Article 5(2) provided that every citizen of Pakistan should be legally bound to obey to the Constitution of Pakistan with all its details. In case any one in any capacity would violate the provisions of the Constitution he should be strictly dealt with the concerned provisions and other supporting Articles of the Constitution.

Mr. Anwar Aleemi has sent “Legal Notice” along with his five point “Memorandum of Demands” to The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate of Pakistan and the Speaker of The National Assembly narrating that this “Memorandum of Demands” should be considered as a part and parcel of the “Legal Notice” to them from HRI. It is mentioned in the “Legal Notice” that after the expiry of ninety days after the receipt of above notice, he would be legally justified to pursue the issues in the competent court of law having jurisdiction into the matter in case they would not take any action for the implementation of the mandatory provisions of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Furthermore it is informed to the press that Anwar Aleemi has sent the copies of the given notice to Her Excellency Anne W. Peterson, Ambassador of United States Of America for Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Robert Brinkley, The High Commissioner of United Kingdom for Pakistan and almost all the heads of the states of The European Union for their tangible cooperation into the just cause of the welfare of the general public of Pakistan on account of this reason only that Pakistan is the best ally of these international powers in the continues war on terror and these powers should deeply be concerned in the process of the restoration of real democracy in Pakistan and to remove the real causes which lead to some religious extremists towards international terrorism and committed themselves globally for the abolition of the real causes of the Global Terrorism.

The main points given in the “FIVE POINT MEMORANDUM OF DEMANDS” are given herein under:

1.To take all possible steps as instructed by the Constitution on the most priority basis to ensure to make Pakistan as “Welfare State” in its real form as provided by the “CONSTITUTION OF PAKISTAN”. The concerned and responsible quarters of the Government of Pakistan are legally bound to amend all existing laws, enactments, regulations, set up of legal procedures, modes and practices of all administrative, judicial and executive authorities having governmental identities. All the existing authorities, institutions, governmental departments of the Government of Pakistan should be directed to act strictly in conformity with the provisions relating to the Human Rights and Principles of the Constitution as laid down in the Constitution of Pakistan.

2.To introduce new laws , enactments ,regulations and establishment of new departments and administrative and executive institutions and organizations empowered properly to meet the requirements of the provisions as laid down under the Constitution of Pakistan in relation with making Pakistan as a real welfare state in the next 90 days.

3.To take all possible steps for establishing special teams namely “HUMAN RIGHTS MONITORING TEAMS” having at least 50 members each at district level comprising educated human rights activists , lawyers, doctors, educationalists, journalists and competent skilled activists of the welfare of general public and people related to different walks of life under the direct control of Federal Government to monitor all the proceedings and activities of all the governmental departments including police, jails, hospitals ,social welfare departments and all other administrative departments and to monitor all the activities of law enforcing agencies and their all allied official departments to ensure the proper implementation of all the laws and rules made in the interests of the betterment of the general public of Pakistan.

4.Imposition of Income Tax on “Agriculture Income” after proper assessment of the exact income under the mandatory provisions of INCOME TAX ORDINANCE 2001 giving statutory exemption to the lower status of agriculturists in all over the country. In this process the Federal Board Of Revenue of Pakistan should be engaged for the purpose of imposition of tax on agricultural income strictly in accordance with the provisions of taxation laws having their force in Pakistan. This process be completed under Budget 2008.It is added that Wealth Tax Act be re-enforced with its true spirits. Furthermore the process of privatization and the process of selling national assets inside or outside the country to private sector are stopped in the larger interests of the general public of Pakistan and to meet the real objects of the Constitution of Pakistan. All the open doors of the plundering of national wealth be closed for ever. It is further demanded that the plundered wealth of Pakistan by the rulers of the past be recovered by setting aside all the discriminatory laws or ordinances made in the name of national reconciliation without legal justification.

5. Take all affective steps to establish an affective and independent office of “FEDERAL COMMISSION FOR NATIONAL PROSPERITY” for the purpose of taking proper and affective actions against continuous economic disaster of the country being faced by the majority of the people of Pakistan since its inception, which have been transformed and is visible in the most ugliest form at present.

For abolition of all economic evils faced by the people of Pakistan at large, the proposed Commission shall be empowered to take all necessary steps for the economic and social welfare and equity and equality of all the nationals of Pakistan in accordance with the provisions of The Constitution of Pakistan with the purposeful consultation of the National Assembly, Senate, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The commission shall be authorized to take all steps in respect of the making Pakistan as “WELFARE STATE”. Furthermore the proposed Commission will be bound to issue monthly reports comprised on its activities for the achievements of the destinations of the betterment of all the people of Pakistan for the information of the general public of Pakistan.

It is further demanded that the members of the proposed COMMISSION shall be comprised of the best economists of the country having fullest consciousness of the national economy and shall be nominated by the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan both. The Commission should be made legally bound to work for making Pakistan as a real and modern welfare state and which would be internationally acceptable.-SANA

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