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Zardari directs PPP ministers, CMs to hold kutchehris

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ISLAMABAD: PPP Co-Chairman Senator Asif Ali Zardari Thursday directed the Party’s Chief Ministers, federal and provincial ministers to regularly hold open kutcheries every day to redress the grievances of public and Party workers. According to the directive, all provincial ministers would hold open kutcheries at the Provincial Party Headquarters in rotation. It was learnt that one minister would hold kutchery as per schedule prepared by the Chief Ministers of Sindh, Balochistan and the Senior Ministers of Punjab and NWFP.

Federal Ministers have been directed to hold kutchery in the Central Secretariat of Pakistan Peoples Party Islamabad every day in rotation as per schedule prepared by central secretariat of Pakistan People’s party (CSPPP). The Central Secretariat in Islamabad would also prepare a schedule for the federal ministers for open Kutchery in the Provincial Capitals on a weekly basis in coordination with the Chief Ministers of Sindh and Balochistan and Senior Ministers of Punjab and NWFP. One kutchery in every Provincial Party Headquarters would be held once a week.

The Minister holding kutchery have also been directed to prepare a report on the grievances and problems of the public and workers. The report would be handed to the Chief Ministers or Senior Ministers concerned who would compile a consolidated report and send it to the Co-Chairman’s Islamabad office on the first of every month. The holding of open kutchery every day has been mandatory and the central secretariat, Chief Ministers Sindh and Balochistan and Senior Ministers Punjab and NWFP have been advised to ensure strict compliance.

Copies of the directive have also been sent to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Chief Ministers Sindh and Balochistan, Senior Ministers Punjab and NWFP, all PPP federal and provincial ministers, vice chairman PPP, secretary general PPP, deputy secretary general PPP, provincial Presidents and general secretaries for informing Divisional, District, Tehsil and City organizations and also to Provincial President, women wing. In addition to the print and electronic media the announcement about open kutchery schedule would also be made through Party organizations of the division, district, tehsil and city.-SANA

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. As PPP’s is no doughty is the largest party of Pakistan and it role was remained well with peoples of the Pakistan, during in power and without power. but in present setup it is quite difficult for this party to satisfy all the elements which are part of government and out side government, particularly issue of judiciary and relationship with the President, where some parties have strong opinion against President Musharaf, I think solidarity of nation and country is precious for all and services for removing poorly of peoples of Pakistan is main issue that should be come in priority, further more I must say that the formation of development of our economy should be based in permanent basis, where agriculture reforms should come in top list. for solving common issues and problems of peoples of Pakistan, where education, facility for health, utilities services must be treated fair and free in future, if we want to really gives services to the nation. I pry for nation, mighty Allah may shows good days where we all remain in good atmosphere and better working relationship of the institutions and our leaders and rollers will realize present critical situation.


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