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Zardari considers President Musharraf a hurdle for democracy

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Finally Co-Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Asif Ali Zardari finally spoke his mind when he told an Indian news agency,”Musharraf stands between people and democracy”. Giving enough hints that President Pervez Musharraf’s days in office may be numbered, ruling PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said in an interview to an Indian news agency that there is “tremendous” pressure from people who want the President’s ouster and that he has “no choice”. Describing Musharraf as a “relic of the past”, Asif Zardari, however, candidly admitted the President still enjoys powers under the Constitution to dissolve parliament and dismiss prime minister.

To a pointed query if Musharraf’s days as President are numbered, Zardari evaded a direct reply saying: “I don’t know whether his days are numbered or my days are numbered or our government’s days are numbered. Who knows that?”He still has 58(2)(b) and he has a tremendous amount of power behind him. If he moves, he moves,” he said, referring to President’s powers under Article 58(2b) of the Constitution that allows him to dissolve an elected parliament and thus dismiss Prime Minister.

The “bottomline” is that people of Pakistan want Musharraf to go.” And I am servant of the people, not the master of the people,” PPP Chairman said. “The President is a relic of the past and he stands somewhere between us and democracy….He has taken off his uniform thanks to the dialogue by my wife (late former Prime MInister Benazir Bhutto) and the world pressure,” he said. “But that does not make him (Musharraf) into a democrat or a civilian President. That doesn’t mean that his Presidency is legal. I’ve got all these issues. I have a tremendous amount of pressure from people of Pakistan,” said Zardari. President Pervez Musharraf is likely to express his reservations over political and economic situation of the country to the Prime Minister in a meeting, which will be held soon.

Meanwhile a private tv channel said Thursday President wants to express his reservations over the political and economic situation to the prime minister and he does not want to interfere or cause any problems for the new government. The President is concerned that chances of foreign investment are reducing because of economic conditions. According to sources, President Musharraf sent reference against the chief Justice in good faith. Sources also said there was no meeting between the President and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari despite having indirect contacts.

According to sources, presidency is not conspiring against the government and the fears of PML-N are unfounded. All political parties are equal before the president and there are no favorites. The president does not want to interfere or cause any problems for the new government. Sources said that any draft of constitutional package had not been sent to the presidency and some elements were damaging the country while advocating for independence of judiciary. Courtesy Arab News

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  1. we are experiencing our one of worsening economical and financial conditions …..due to political unrest, and we are going bankrupt .This was not the case during musharaff’s period.the economic condition we are going through is at present situation…the dollar never went up to $80.wat we are facing is an economic crisis which may take 5-10 year period to recover!

    and we have a great problem,i.e whenever a new GOVT. takes over …our nation alwaya realizes the benifits gained by last GOVT….AND WHAT GOVT, DOES ……it burdens the former one with the flaws faced at present


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