Students Protest Desecration of Holy Quran

KUNDUZ: Hundreds of students took out a protest procession chanting anti-US slogans in Kunduz province over the desecration of holy Quran by an American soldier in Iraq, officials said. US troops reportedly used a copy of the holy Quran as a target during their shooting practice on Monday in Iraq. Hundreds of students of higher education institute of Kunduz province gathered in its yard at 9:00am. They were defending Islam and chanting slogans against Bush saying ‘death to Bush’, ‘death to America’ and ‘death to infidels’.

Asmatullah Mubariz, a student said: “We defend our religion, Islam and our holy book and we therefore gather here to show any anti Islamic groups that we are ready for sacrifice for protecting our religion.” He wondered that why Afghan government did not react on such anti-Islam actions.
The protestors had planned to hold a protest walk but the police did not allow them outside the building of the institution. The upper house of the parliament, or Meshrano Jirga also condemned the reported desecration of holy Quran by US troops in Iraq and walked out the parliament and rallied outside, chanting slogans of death to America and death to infidels’ on Tuesday.-SANA

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