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Helmand Governor escapes rocket attack

KANDAHAR: Insurgents fired a rocket that hit a NATO helicopter carrying the governor of a key southern Afghan province Helmand, but no one was injured, officials said. Helmand Gov. Ghulab Mangal and a delegation of British officials were about to land in the provincial town of Musa Qala when an insurgent rocket-propelled grenade struck the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, Mangal told American news agency.

The grenade “hit the tail end” of the chopper, said Maj. Martin O’Donnell, a spokesman for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force. “There was a minor damage to shaft and the rear blade,’ O’Donnell said. “The helicopter landed under control” at a nearby NATO base. Mangal and other officials were to inaugurate a new mosque in Musa Qala, a town that lies in Helmand.-SANA

The delegation returned to the provincial capital of Lashkar Gahin another helicopter, Mangal said.

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