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Civil servants can vital role country development: Owais Ghani

PESHAWAR: The NWFP Governor, Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani has said that present is the age of fittest of the fittest to ensure survival, one must be well organized, managed, well versed and skilled to do the things to the best in line with the given tasks. Addressing as the chief guest at the graduation ceremony of 2nd Mid Career Management Course at National Institute of Management at Peshawar on Saturday, the Governor said, “he has always found the civil servants of Pakistan highly competent, following a scientific approach in dialing the given matters”. “The civil service, he added, is the best tool to manage the country and success of the nation depends not only upon, how it works but also how it is handled” he said.

In fact, he remarked, good governance has always remained the cherished desire of every government in our country to achieve the desired goals of national development and progress and one has to make constant efforts to further improve its working. In this connection, the Governor said, the best option could be the development of internal reform process in each and every institution to cope with the present day needs. “There should be a continued debate in a well democratic and accommodative manner to reach to a well thought conclusion on any initiative or matter and once a decision is taken, that should have to be followed in letter and spirit to derive the desired results”, he said.

Such types of debates, the Governor said, always deliver well and make a logical conclusion. The present system of governance in our country, the Governor said, does have certain deficiencies and shortcomings, but at the same time, he added, efforts are also underway to improve the things. In all 90 mid career officers, hailing from different service streams of the government were awarded certificates on completion of their training on this occasion.

Talking about prevailing situation in the country especially in this province with special reference to law and order aspects, the Governor said, indeed the problems are multi-dimensional which definitely require multi-dimensional approach to tackle them. “The situation is the result of the developments took place over the past almost 30 years and definitely there could never be quick fixes in this respect”, he said.

Though, Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani said, this is a complicated and challenging situation, yet, he added, it is manageable and we are overcoming it successfully in a gradual but efficient manner. In fact, the Governor said, we have a long history of challenges and our’s is a unique country of becoming stronger after successfully meeting every new challenge and this time too we would emerge stronger as compared to the past.

Referring to the recent initiatives, taken to ensure effective coordination between the settled districts and the adjacent tribal agencies, the Governor said, these have been proving quite successful and efforts would be continued to remove deficiencies. In fact, , the Governor said, the devolution of power was the need of the hour, which, he added is delivering well, but at the same time, he added, efforts would have to be continued to remove loopholes.

Pointing towards the graduating officers, the Governor said, they must have complete faith in their leadership and the destiny; read the things in between the lines on any matter and reach to the logical conclusion on the given situation. “You should be facing highly experienced, capable and knowledgeable seniors and therefore you should also be well educated and well versed on the matters to be dealt in your service career”, he said. In fact, he added, there should be a philosophical approach to analyze the issues and make a conclusion on the basis of ground realities as well.

While congratulating the graduating officers, the Governor also wished them complete success in the fulfillment of their responsibilities. Earlier, the Director General of National Institute of Management, Sheikh Naseerul Haq, while presenting the performance report highlighted aims and objectives of the course whereas a participant of the course, Mr. Shafqat Ali Khan, hailing from Foreign Service dwelt upon the salient features of the experiences of the training process.-SANA

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