Home Current Affairs Ch. Mukhtar terms talks with Taliban as country interest

Ch. Mukhtar terms talks with Taliban as country interest


ISLAMABAD: Federal Defence Minister and PIA Chairman Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar has said that dialogue with Taliban was inn the interest of Pakistan. Talking to newsmen, Ahmad Mukhtar said that the US should not object over talks between government and Taliban as it was the interest of the whole world. He said that Pakistan was holding talks with Taliban and the US hurried objections to it was not correct, let this deal be completed and now the situation was not like as previously. “The situation is normal in eastern border of the country and Line of Country” he added.

About missile attack on Bajaur, Defense Minister said that the government was collecting facts and added that such attacks within Pakistan territory were discussed with the US in past, which lessened such incidents and this time also talks with US on this issue was being held as to how to meet the Bajaur losses.-SANA



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