Government’s Educational reforms in Pakistan

Keeping view the importance of education; current government is taking steps or at least seems determined to take steps for the promotion of education in Pakistan. In this regard Sindh Minister for Women Development Taquir Fatima Bhutto has recognized the new generation should act according to volunteerism spirit and unity among various sectors. She stated this while addressing in the “Peers Education Graduation Ceremony on Friday. The Minister said that the government is taking all out efforts for providing opportunities to young boys and girls equally and also the duty of the parents, society as well as the teachers should realize their responsibilities and impart a standardized education in a real sense so that the youth of this area may be able to compete with the students of urban areas.

She expressed her opinion by saying that we must be an antibiotic for the resolutions and need to vaccine our society through positive work not by criminal activities and we all are the responsible to educate our generation as they were playing pivotal role in society. Sindh Minister urged upon new generation to come-forward, realize their future responsibilities and applied their energies for learning technical and skill Education so that they could be able to earn their source of income on self help basis, she also added that there is a need to learn Education of Computers which will be helpful in their lives. She said the present government determined to provide good environment and equal education facilities in rural areas of the province.

She said that it is our duty to perform well in every life and routine manner. she said there is limited resource and the problems are unlimited and Sindh government trying to fulfill the needs of education and quality of life of womenfolk and to resolve the problems of people at their doorstep. She said there are limited jobs and other opportunities, men and women will be given business opportunities to earn for their livelihood and the Sindh government will support them by providing different programs.

Interestingly government is paying attention to the special education because there is a large number of special people who can not be kept away from the main stream economical growth of pakistan. Thus The Special Education Centers are opened for the education and training of the children with special needs and the buildings of special education centers should be got vacated from all organization who have occupied these buildings. This was stated by the Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education, Muhammad Khan Hotti, while visited the office of the Directorate General of Special Education in Islamabad on Friday. The Minister advised that keeping in view the problems of Special Persons new centers/projects are being established shortly, particularly in the rural areas. He also emphasized on career planning of staff of the Directorate General of Special Education.

The Federal Minster visited all sections of Directorate General of Special Education. Mr. Khalid Naeem, Director General briefed about the working of DGSE and introduced the Minister with professional and Administrative staff. The Minister met with the staff and appreciated the working atmosphere. On the issue of strengthen of Special Education, the Minister suggested to hold a brain storming session with ex-Ministers/Secretaries/Director Generals and Directors to share their experience and expertise.


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