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Tenders for 1200 MW power generation; Energy saving procedures

Markets will be closed on Fridya, official timings would be advanced for one hour from June 1st, 2008
ISLAMABAD: Tenders would be floated on 20th of this month for fast track generation of additional 1200 MW of electricity. Similarly, WAPDA would not provide electricity for neon signs. Industrial units are being asked to stagger their weekly holidays. Shops would be encouraged to have weekly holiday on Friday instead of Sunday. The cabinet also decided that air-conditioners in all Government offices including PM Secretariat would remain off from 8.00 to 11.00 in the morning. All street lights would be lit on fifty percent basis. From Ist of June this year watches would be advanced by one hour for three months to take advantage of the day light. This was stated by Minister for Water and Power Raja Parvez Ashraf at a joint news conference with Information Minister Sherry Rehman in Islamabad on Wednesday this afternoon to announce decisions of the special cabinet meeting on energy crisis.

The Minister expressed the confidence that as a consequence of emergency measures being adopted by the Government the load-shedding would be over by the end of next year. Raja Parvez Ashraf said the tenders for new power plants would be received by 15th of July and opened in the presence of the Minister for Water and Power and other high officials to ensure transparency of the process. The Minister said Karachi would be supplied 200 MW of electricity from a generation system installed on a ship and in this way 200 MW of electricity being provided by WAPDA to Karachi would be spared for consumption in other parts of the country. He said 50 per cent of the street lights will be utilized while 1 million energy savers will be provided to conserve energy. People all across the country will have 60 additional minutes to utilize before sunset, as the government has announced to advance the official time by one hour from June 1 to utilize maximum daylight.

He said 1000 MW of electricity would be added to the national grid by way of improvement of generation capacity of the existing power houses. He said Energy Minister of Iran is visiting Pakistan in the last week of this month to hold discussions for supply of 1100 MW of electricity to Pakistan. He, however, said it is a long term project as development of infrastructure would take about five years.He said the cabinet also approved a number of conservation measures to save 500 MW of electricity. These include closure of all major commercial centres and shopping plazas at 9.00 p.m. from first of June to the end of August this year to help overcome the problem of load-shedding.

The Minister said ten million energy savers would be procured with the involvement of the World Bank to ensure their quality. Replying to a question the Minister said a task force is being set up to prepare recommendations for bringing down the line losses. Information Minister Sherry Rehman said that thePrime Minister, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, who chaired the cabinet meeting, paid rich tributes to the PML (N) Ministers and hoped that they would come back soon. She said the Prime Minister expressed deep shock and grief over loss of life in Chinese earthquake. He also expressed sympathies with families of those who lost their lives in Jaipur blasts in India.-SANA

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  • Hahahaha!

    Things won’t improve, especially with Nawaz and Zardari leading the country.

    Keep hoping.