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Sudan urges world to list rebel as terrorists

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ISLAMABAD: Sudan has asked the international community to list the Darfur rebel that led the weekend attack near the capital as a terrorist group. According to BBC it wants Justice and Equality Movement leaders living abroad to be handed over to the authorities in Khartoum. Meanwhile, the officer heading Darfur’s peace force says Saturday’s raid in which more than 220 people died will set the Darfur peace process back. “it would harden attitudes and bring more suffering”, he told the BBC. Gen Martin Luther Agwai commands the 9,000-strong UN-African Union force which is responsible for trying to protect civilians and maintain peace in Darfur.

Saturday’s raid on Omdurman, Khartoum’s twin city across the River Nile, was the closest Darfur’s rebel groups had come to the capital in five years of conflict in the region. According to the report mass arrests continue to be carried out across the city as the authorities continue to search for rebels still hiding or anyone linked to them. Human rights activists say they are concerned about people being mistreated, tortured or even killed.

They say hundreds of Darfuris are being rounded up; the government says anyone arrested in connection with the attack will be given a fair military trial. Sudan has accused neighbouring Chad of backing Jem and has cut diplomatic relations. Chad has denied the charges and closed its border, saying Sudan is planning an attack. Sudan’s government has doubled the reward for the capture of Jem leader Khalil Ibrahim to $250,000. Senior Sudanese foreign ministry official Mutrif Siddiq said it was unacceptable for the rebels to have attempted to topple a legitimate government. -SANA

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