Rasm-e-Chiragh ceremony concluded

LAHORE: The Rasm-e-Chiragh, concluding ceremony of the Urs of 17th century saint Hazrat Shah Jewna, l took place in front of millions of people at Shah Jiwana – a town of Jhang District in Punjab – Sunday night. Zaireen, Mushaikh, religious and spiritual scholars met Sajjada Nasheen of Darbar Hazrat Shah Jewna, Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat,MNA, who performed Kiri (Gaddi) ritual for Urs at Darbar on 4 May 2007.

Faisal stayed in the shrine for seven days during which many other traditional and spiritual rituals were performed. Sajjada Nasheen takes Gaddi every year on May 4 and confined himself within the limits of Darbar when the celebrations reach their climax. Sajada Nasheen of other shrines also attended Rasm-e-Chiragh. The colorful and attractive “mela” of Urs went into motion after Rasm-e-Chiragh and people from all walks of life are enjoying it.

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