PPP not to table no-confidence in Punjab Assembly: Zardari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has said that no danger to Provincial Assembly of Punjab, adds the PPP would not table no-confidence motion in Punjab. He was addressing a press conference after attending a meeting of PPP’s Central Executive Committee, Federal Council and MNA’s and MPA’s from Punjab on Wednesday. Asif Zardari said that though the PPP enjoy majority in the parliament yet they would not leave Nawaz Sharif and hoped that they would resolve all issues through negations as they have only differences over the restoration of judges and he was trying to convince the PML-N Quaid. “Judges issue would be resolved according to the Murree Declaration” Zardari vowed.

“The media is presenting a picture as if the country is facing a situation of severe crisis, but in my view the situation is not that grave,” Asif Zardari maintained. He said detailed investigations into the assassination of PPP leader Benazir Bhutto will be undertaken. “I will take the revenge of Mohtarma’s slaying through transforming the system…we want that experts should undertake the probe and get to the bottom of it,” he added. “There was a foreign conspiracy behind the Martyrdom of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,” Zardari said he is committed to pursue the path of honesty and reconciliation.

“We were the ones who initiated the lawyers’ movement, laid down maximum sacrifices, we chanted the slogan of changing the system,” he claimed. We want to arrest the economic melt down, he added. He said PPP and Pakistan Muslim League-N do not agree only one point, adding, it does not at all mean as if there is a huge rift between the two allies. “Nawaz Sharif suggested notification and de-notification while we were of the view that sending police for restoration of judges will create complications,” he clarified.

He said one wrong act cannot be corrected through another wrong. “I am still in touch with Mian Sahab and I will not abandon being partner with him,” Asif Zardari said. The PPP Co-chairman pledged that the new government was trying to resolve present power crisis and the government to make Balochistan as Economic Zone to restore law and order situation for the building of new ports there.-SANA

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