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Indo-Pakistan peace proces-JaiPur blats-American interests; perspective

Tuesday evening’s 8 blasts in the capital of Rajasthan Jai Pur a declared congested area, left at least 80 people dead, and wounded another 300. Sources told Pakistan Times that Indian police have arrested two men after eight near-simultaneous bombings killed 63 people and wounded 216 in Jaipur. Several more suspects have also been detained, but so far nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack. Politicians as usual started taking to the airwaves blaming their rivals for condoning extremists and being responsible for less security, Politicians wherever they are always exploit these situations. Rajasthan, is state of India where these blasts occurred, is run by the Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, known as the BJP. The national government coalition is led by the Congress Party, which the BJP accuses of showing favoritism to India’s Muslim minority.

A blame game has already been started against Pakistan and extremists elements all over the world, With Pakistan India has a conventional rivalry as to Indians were annoyed over the divison of Sub-continent. According to sources Authorities are pointing at the Harkat ul-Jihad-al-Islami group also known as “HuJI” or the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, known as “LeT” as likely being responsible for the Jaipur attacks. HuJI operates both Bangladesh and Pakistan while the LeT is active in Pakistan’s Kashmir region. Indian officials say the extremist organization operates out of Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Whenever these kind of activities are happened in India, blame to cross border intrusion and peace process and confidence building usually becomes slow and protest takes a momentum all over India. Though; all over the world; everyone hoped that Tuesday terror strikes in Jaipur that claimed several lives would not affect the Indo-Pak peace process. While pakistan is facing a political crisis later this month and newly elected government has to deal with judicial issue and energy crisis. While India is feeling internal political pressure more intensely because of food and energy problems, as well as looming state and general elections,
, and the geopolitical situation has shifted sufficiently in Afghanistan and Pakistan to make this a potentially worthwhile option.

India could use Tuesday’s serial bombings in Rajasthan capital Jaipur to create a crisis with Pakistan, America’s private intelligence gathering agency STRATFOR has claimed. Washington is uneasy over the fact that either through weakness or through policy, Islamabad may try to reach an accommodation with the Taliban and al Qaeda, not to split the Taliban, but to reduce the threat to Pakistan, something that will directly affect American interests in Pakistan.

India has also hoped “We hope the blasts will not affect the peace process. We also hope Pakistan will not cast a shadow,” Minister of State for Home Shri Prakash Jaiswal told reporters here. While Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has condemned the blasts in Jaipur, India. On behalf of the people of Pakistan and the government the Foreign Minister also expressed his condolences and sympathies with the families of the victims. The blast had left at least 80 people killed in jaipur.

A positive step by the Indian Premier League Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi is really appreciable who has, rejected Bangalore’s offer to host the Rajasthan Royals’ match on Saturday. “I whole-heartedly condemn the reprehensible acts of terrorism which have claimed the lives of many innocent people,” said Modi in a press statement after the blasts in Jaipur.

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