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Governors’ sister, spouse perish in accident

SHAIKHUPURA: Sister and brother-in-law of Punjab Governor expired in the bloody accident that claimed six lives when twenty five vehicles clashed against each other due to over speeding on Motorway near Shiekhupura interchange Tuesday evening. According to eyewitnesses, at least 25 speeding vehicles in a row came crashing near interchange here perishing six persons and leaving several injured.

Punjab Governor’s sister and brother-in-law were also included among the dead. Motorway Police said that this mishap occurred near Sheikhupura interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Highway, when two cars clashed and later one bus truck and several vehicles coming from behind kept crashing in a row, which resulted in the death of 6 persons and 50 wounded, while over 25 vehicles left wrecked.

Eyewitnesses said that the smokes emitting from the blazing bushes in the fields by the roadside blurring visibility caused this horrible accident, which also halted traffic on the Motorway, as vehicles were seen stranding in a very long queue.

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