Home Opinion Talks on judges reinstatement becomes a mystery

Talks on judges reinstatement becomes a mystery


Experts says Talks on restoration of the judges go deep into mystery even when the deadlock expires as both the parties to the talks say that the process of talks between the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League (N) still continues. Presently, Rehman Malik and Hussain Haqqani from the PPP and Shahbaz Sharif and Khwaja Asif from PML (N) are taking part in the talks.

Sources said that the objective of these talks is to determine the procedure of running the country’s affairs despite PML (N)’s separation from the government and how the PML (N) would face its constituencies for not fulfilling the promise of restoring the judges. According to the sources, the PML (N) may announce to continue its support to the government and may gradually separate itself from the government. On the other hand, no details are being provided to media regarding these matters except that the talks are going on.



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