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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

NA Speaker asks civil servants to serve people, country honestly

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ISLAMABAD: National Assembly Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza has asked the civil servants to adopt people friendly and pro-people attitudes and help the people in resolving the socio economic problems confronting them. She said this while addressing the faculty and the participants of 88th National Management Course at Parliament House on Saturday. The Speaker said that civil servants should serve the people and the country honestly, fearlessly and impartially. She said that the institution of civil service was a permanent body and as such they should remain non political in discharge of their duties.

She said that many of the ills confronting the country were due to the denial of rule of law and absence of true democracy in the past. She said that remedy of our socio-economic problems lie in the true democracy, restoring peoples’ basic rights and strengthening of institutions in the country. The Speaker said Civil service was the backbone and lynchpin of government structure and efficient and honest civil servants were asset of the nation. She said that no Nation can progress unless ensuring basic rights of the masses. She said that it was unfortunate that during the past, people in our country were kept deprived of their basic constitutional rights and access to free health, education and justice.

She said that much of our problems would be resolved when the parliament was sovereign, institutions were robust and rule of law was safeguarded by a strong and independent judiciary and all organs of the state worked in their respective spheres. She said that the government was confronting a lot of challenges including law & order, terrorism, extremism, inflation food and energy shortages, which required focused approach. She said that mitigating sufferings of the people, giving them relief, alleviating of poverty, creating jobs and provision of social amenities was the main priorities and goals of the government policy. She said that government policy objectives can be achieved rapidly when all state institutions work efficiently in collaboration with each other.

Highlighting the importance of the institutions of civil service for the promotions of the goals of the government and its relevance to the over all economic development. The Speaker said that the emergence of new challenges and world’s changed scenario have added a new dimension to the importance of the scientific management and has shifted the civil servants role to professional managers.

She said that present was transient and the world was changing fast. She said that there was technological revolution underway. She urged the civil servants to develop futuristic approach in management and be ready to assimilate the changes that were around us. She advised the civil servants to equip themselves with latest technologies of management to facilitate and enable the government and society to resolve the confronting problems.

The Speaker said that there was also need for attitudinal change of civil servants toward people. She said that they need to make the people feel that they were their friends, so that people could have confidence in the civil servants and consider them friends and well-wisher. The Speaker stressed that civil servants should not be influenced by political pressure should perform duty as servants of the people and the state fearlessly and honesty without indulging into politics. She said that civil servants should help people in education, trade, industry and provision of social amenities. She said that God has given them great opportunity to show their worth and they must prove their worth.

She expressed the hope that the course would contribute in equipping the officers enabling them to respond to the challenges confronting the people and make the country strong and prosperous. The Secretary National Assembly Karamat Hussian Niazi briefed the participants about the organizational setup and working of the National assembly. He also briefed the participants about the legislation, N.A standing Committees and their working. Briefing was followed by Question Answer session. The Chief Instructor National Management College Mr. Rahatul Ain, thanked the Speaker for giving a detailed briefing about the legislation and working of the National Assembly to the participants.-SANA

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