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Every year TIME magazine selects the “PERSON OF THE YEAR” and dedicates an issue to that particular person or a group of people who have played a major role in influencing the events of the past year. In the year 2006 TIME gave all its readers a surprise by naming its PERSON OF THE YEAR as “YOU”. What? Me? I am the TIME PERSON OF THE YEAR? You have got to be kidding me!!! What did I do to influence events? I am a simple computer geek who programs, reads technical books, blogs….there you go. Blogs…Wait a Minute…. Yes, I Blog. Not only that I Digg, Stumble, Edit contents on Wikipedia, submit videos on You Tube…. basically I am the person who generates contents.. Scratch that.. I am the person who generates content which is read and viewed by others. So am I influencing others????… Well that’s what TIME magazine thinks so…

Wikipedia defines Blog as a website which is usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. That’s precisely what my blog contains… I started blogging initially with an intention of posting good quality technical contents on my website. I joined, created an account and done. Well not exactly. Later I found out that this is not enough, apart from coming up continuously with good quality contents, you also need to join social networking sites like stumbleupon, digg, reddit, propeller and twitter so that you can make friends who will ultimately visit your blog and drop comments and maybe give links to your website from their blogs as well… So what? That’s it? This is blogging?

Well no…Blogging is all this and much much more. Blogging is a great way to earn good money while sitting at home. You create an account in Google’s AdSense and with every single click on the advertisement, you get paid. With many much more options available on blogging domains like blogger and wordpress, bloggers and blogs are in for a prosperous future…

In year 2007 more and more bloggers came on the screen. There has been several conversations started regarding the popularity of a blog or newspaper, these have become more and more influencing tools to influence the minds. A clear decline according to Google stats have been noticed in readership of newspapers.

Blogs are being created every second, and ratio is doubled than it was in 2007. In 2006 Daily Posting Volume tracked by Technorati is now over 1.2 Million posts per day, which is about 50,000 posts per hour. Interesting question here is to answer whether these blogs are contributing productive things or not.. well are these able to keep the pace with high tech and ultra fast world? And how can these bloggers maintain their growth pace equal to the changes in the world or these eventually become sources of change in world.

With Blogs becoming a full time earning opportunity; many people are quitting their jobs or devoting more time to work on their blogs. People tend to let blogs act as creative outlets for them. I know of friends who started writing blogs after they ended their relationships with their boyfriends/girlfriends. They saw blogging as an outlet for their grief. While others initially saw blogging as a way to enhance their skills, people who were interested in writing stories and poems would post them on their blog and subsequently would make friends with people of similar interests. I personally started writing blogs after i felt the need to be in the midst of this exploding blogging craze. I started a technical blog and posted source codes and links and articles and hoped that one day I would meet people with similar interests. And I did. Sharing one’s knowledge with others and getting some constructive feed back, is according to me the best thing about blogging..

All things said and done, the question that looms large is whether this is how the future is going to be? People tend to change their jobs after some time. Why? Some say that it’s too boring? Zero Excitement? Work Trouble? So what is in store for bloggers?

Blogging domains like blogger, blogspot, blogsphere and wordpress continuously keep on updating the services so that more and more people turn towards blogging. Widget was a new term coined some years back. Widget is a piece of code that you can embed inside your blog. With beautiful widgets and gadgets coming the bloggers way, they excitedly add these to their page to make it visually more appealing. The reason behind this widgets and gadgets being offered to you? To avoid the same reason which forces people to change job and switch careers… to avoid blogging from being monotonous.

And what about bloggers? Blogging became a big craze and is still one of the biggest forms of internet usage. How long is this going to continue? Will people ever get tired of it? Answer is plain damn simple. NO.… This is the Tech era where almost everything is available on the internet. Social networking sites, Blogs and Instant Messaging help people keep in touch with people with similar interests. Exchange of knowledge, information and idea has become so fast and easy with the help of blogging that it would be difficult for bloggers to imagine lives without it. With more and more people getting involved in blogging and discovering a whole new world blogs and bloggers are here to stay…

I love blogging. Once I started I could not believe how I used to live without it. And I think that blogging is one of the best things that have happened to me. Even then it would be wrong on my part to hide the drawbacks of blogging. Few days back I read an article on the net which was related to Bloggers and how blogging affects their life. Bloggers work for as long as 14-15 hours a day to keep their blog up to date and to make the latest news available to their readers. And this takes a toll on their health. Working in the rapidly changing information era is always going to be difficult and coming up with good quality articles always is a pressure for bloggers.

Blogs and Bloggers are a great gift to Internet. With the way the Internet has emerged in the past decade it will be really difficult to predict how the blogging phenomenon is going to continue. As a blogger I can only hope and wish that blogging continues with the same intensity that is present today.


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Anand Sreenivasan

Anand Sreenivasan is 21 years old computer engineering student from Pune, Maharashtra, India. He loves to write on programming languages, computers and things related to technology. He also loves to keep up to date with the latest in technology. He also loves to visit other people's blog and share information with them on the latest in technology. For Pakistan times he has specially dedicated time to write on technology perspectives of several ongoing things.

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