Home Current Affairs Victory of democratic forces frustrates plan to install Karzai in IHK: Safi

Victory of democratic forces frustrates plan to install Karzai in IHK: Safi


BIRMINGHAM: The Convener of Jammu and Kashmir Tehreek Hurriyat, Ghulam Mohammad Safi said victory of democratic forces in Pakistan’s elections has frustrated the plan to install a Karzai like lackey in Srinagar. “The political change in Islamabad is clear defeat to President Pervaiz Mushrraf and his controversial Kashmir policy, which was perceived by Kashmiris as sell out”, Safi said while addressing a reception hosted in his honour by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK at Birmingham.

The people of Pakistan had rejected those who wanted to established relations with India by putting Kashmir issue into back burner. The previous set of rulers herded by President Musharraf adopted a policy to recognize India as policeman of the region, he added. Accusing that Previous government in Islamabad, he said the government with the support of some handpicked stooges in Kashmir yielded much ground to India on the Kashmir issue ignoring the enormous sacrifices rendered both by Pakistan and people of Kashmir during the past 60 years.

Safi further said if India is inducted in UN Security Council as permanent member it would be a demise of the causes of peace, human rights and freedom and the already discredited UN institution will be rendered an impotent and non-existent entity. Speaking on the occasion, President Tehreek-e- Kashmir UK, Mohammad Ghalib said those who supported President Mushrraf’s Kashmir Policy have now stood exposed and were trying to change loyalty to in order to stay relevant in the changed political environment.

The reception was also addressed by Secretary General Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Mufti Abdul Majeed Secretary General Scotland Zone, Syed Tufail Hussain Shah, Mohammad Sarfraz Madni, Abdul-Salam Rashdi, Khuram Bashir, Raja Qammar Abbas, Ch Allah Ditta, Shabir Hussain, Javeed Aziz, Fahim Kayani and others.-SANA



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