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Pakistanis are brave nation who like challenges: Owais

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BANNU: NWFP Governor, Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani has said, “We are a great and brave nation, and we have been facing challenges since our independence successfully”. The present situation, he added, is though complicated, yet manageable and we would overcome it too”. Addressing the faculty members and students at the main Campus of Bannu University of Science and Technology after inaugurating a number of newly completed development projects, on Tuesday, the Governor, who is also the Chancellor of the University said, in fact, ours is an ideological state which has strong foundation and clear destination.

Because of this, he said, we enjoy unique position amongst the Islamic world. Besides, he added, we have become a nuclear power and our economy is progressing rapidly, and in such a situation, he remarked, there is dire need to realize the ground realities and continue the efforts unitedly to achieve the cherished goals of the very creation of this country.

Expressing concern over the activities on the part of certain extremist elements, the Governor said, un-fortunately, such elements are un-knowingly serving the nefarious purposes of the enemies of the motherland. “Pakistan serves Islam better than anyone else and the elements involved in the militancy must realize this in true perspective”, he said.

The Governor also mentioned the suicide attack took place earlier in the City and paid rich tributes to the two police cops who embraced martyrdom while trying to overcome the suicide bomber. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr. Asmatullah Khan also spoke on this occasion while apart from MPA Mr. Ziyad Akram Durrani, Regional Coordination Officer Mr. Attaullah Khan and the District Nazim, Mr. Azam Khan Durrani, a large number of elected representatives and elders of the area also attended the gathering.

Talking about the ongoing development initiatives, the Governor also hinted at the government’s plan to connect, Gawadar Sea Port with Peshawar, through Rail link which, he added, would provide direct access to Bannu from both the ends. The Railway line, he added, will be further extended to China and the Central Asian states, thus opening vast economic avenues in future for the respective people. Indeed, the Governor said, we through our struggle have reached at a big take off position and all this requires highly capable and skilled manpower deliver.

Referring to the importance of the creation of the university, the Governor said, no doubt manpower is a big force but it must be educated and skilled. Otherwise, he added, un-skilled manpower is a big burden on the nation. In fact, the Governor said, education is the real force in this age of science and technology and even small nations have become major powers of the world by developing their education systems. The decision to develop higher education in our country, he said, is a well conscious and the budgetary allocation, which used to be only Rs.300 millions few years back has reached to Rs.100 billions now and would continue to be further increased gradually.

Pointing towards the students, the Governor said, the nation is investing huge funds on imparting them with knowledge with the expectations that they would ensure due return on completion of their studies. Thus, he added, they are being burdened with huge debt with the passage of time and they must come upto the expectations in this respect. Appreciating the rapid development activities in Bannu University of Science and Technology, the Governor said, indeed it is growing in line with the vision, set for it, which is really impressive. Responding to various points raised by the Vice Chancellor, the Governor assured his fullest support to ensure proper implementation on its development plans.

Prof. Dr. Asmatullah, while welcoming the Governor said, that six major academic departments, having 10 well-equipped laboratories and a library are successfully working wherein the total enrolment at the campus has reached to 1800 students. The University, he added, also has well qualified faculty members and some of them, he added, are also Ph.D qualified. As far future development plans of the university are concerned, he said, 8 new departments would shortly be opened and 14 projects are under consideration to accommodate the future additions. Earlier, the Governor formally inaugurated the newly completed academic block of the University at its Campus –II which has been completed at a cost of Rs.50 millions.

Meanwhile the Governor also presided over a briefing at office the Regional Coordination Officer Bannu wherein he was apprised about the law and order situation as well as pace of progress on development projects. Besides the Regional Coordination Officer Mr. Attaulah Khan, DIG Police Mr. Masood Afridi and other senior officials of the region, the meeting was also attended by MPA Mr. Ziyad Akram Durrani and District Nazim Mr. Azam Khan Durrani.

The Governor took keen interest in the working of the District Government and stressed the need of making continued efforts to ensure peace and normalcy in the society. In fact, he said the situation is already improving and the credit definitely goes to all those who are making efforts for this purpose. He also appreciated the courageous role of the district administration especially the law enforcing agencies in this respect.-SANA

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