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Civil forces to be upped at par with other forces

ISLAMABAD: A high profile meeting under advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik decided measures to secure the future of civil security forces of the country by bringing them at par with the regular armed forces. The meeting was attended by other senior officials of the ministry including Secretary interior Syed Kamal Shah. Rehman Malik lauded the heroic deeds rendered by the civil security forces and decided various measures for their welfare.

It is to be borne in mind that a police official sacrificed his life Tuesday in Bannu by stopping a suicide bomber to sneak into multitudes of people. Police force represents the community that commands very little respect among the society thus left to their fate even by the government. How can a cop make a decent living out of a meager salary in a department that asks for round the clock stand by duty with no meal or other facilities? Let us hope that the force who feels the real heat in the street as well as in the line of fire get a chance to eke out a decent living and could make up to the superannuation all safe.-SANA

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