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Seven years minor girl married to 30 years old

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There are so many ways of child abuse in Kamlia Local court (Panchayat) affects marriage of seven years old girl with thirty years man in the interior Punjab on Sunday. According to sources, liaqat Baloch, a resident of Kamalia abducted the sister of Salim Baloch. The local reconciliation court (Punchayat) was convened to settle the dispute that decided for payment of damages of Rupees 200,000 or giving the hand of his daughter in lieu of the amount.

Salim Baloch acceded to the demand set by the Punchayat and gave the hand of his daughter to Salim Baloch. Receiving a tiff off the police acted promptly and rounded the Nikah Khwan and the groom. Police are on the hunt to take into custody the Punchayat.

Local courts are involved in these crimes, a minor girl married with a thirty years old man…. gives a pain to me. Whenever i read such stories i only inquire questions like what traditions do we have? What respect do we have for humanity? What are we trying to tell our children? What are these Punchayats systems? Why these customs are so deeply rooted into our society that small babies are being victims.
Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa(P.B.U.H) brought humanity out of this darkness, and we followers of Islam are adopting the same things again. I suggest along with Punchayat these both men should be punished by the court of Law so no one could intend to repeat these horrendous actions.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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