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Pakistanis need answers to these questions

People do not demand restoration of judges, a coalition government, foreign policies, back door meetings of Musharraf and Zardari, deadlines, countdowns, shutdowns, agitations, political scams and conspiracies, Delaying the issue of restoration from the first parliament session to 30 days, Active hostility towards the judiciary and lawyers movement, Constitutional Package, Trying to find replacement for pro-judiciary PML-N through MQM and others in the guise of “national reconciliation”, new leadership for the PML-Q, Forward bloc of PML-Q formed, will support PPP, and so many things like this.

They need answer to Questions like

  • Why there is starvation? and enough food is not available to feed masses?
  • Why is energy shortage in the country?
  • Why more and more people are unemployed despite the fake statistics given by previous government of double digit growth rates?
  • Why inflation is so high?
  • Why people are facing food shortages vis-a-vis wheat and rice?
  • Why there is price hike in edibles and Fuel?
  • Why their children do not have a secure future?
  • Why so many people are committing suicide because of poverty?
  • Why their future generations have uncertainty of being in safer Pakistan?
  • Why there are killings and suicide attacks in the country; while they wonder these suicide attackers are not humans and from us.
  • Why government is not paying attention to our problems and keeping their focus away from real issues?
  • Why there is Artificial or may be original electricity and oil crisis
  • Why schools are being burnt, and a deliberate effort is waged to keep nation uneducated?
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    • People want to get at least the basic needs for life and with that we also need independent judiciary because only independent and functional judiciary can give the peace of mind.

      But how can a govt understand the need of a common man? How? While sitting in Air conditioned rooms, can they judge the need for electricity? Can they know what is starvation? how?

      From conductor or bus driver to minister or president everyone is trying to deceive others. Why this is happening?individually, we should think where we are? wat’s the purpose of this life? why did we choose the corrupt people? why we are not sincere with our ownself?

    • Noor you are very tight, everyone needs these answers? and today everyone has question marks about the integrity of the politicians they themselves elected? you are right that while sitting in air conditioned rooms how can these corrupt politicians know about the the agony and pain of common men who are facing heavy load shedding in scorching summer.