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Kashmir: The Scarred and the Beautiful by William Dalrymple

Jammu and Kashmir is the only state with India that has Muslim majority. At the partition of Sub-continent back in 1947 of India and Pakistan, the state should logically have gone to Pakistan. But the pro-Indian sympathies of the state’s Hindu maharajah and those of its preeminent politician, Sheikh Abdullah, as well as the Kashmiri origins of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, all led to the state passing instead to India.

A brilliant essay/review by Kashmir: The Scarred and the Beautiful William Dalrymple in the May 1 2008 edition of The New York Review of Books.

From the page:

“In the words of Deen Darvish, a nineteenth-century Kashmiri Sufi of the same tradition as Dara Shikoh:

The Hindu says, “I am superior”;
The Musalman says I.
Two halves of a grain of mung they are;
Which, then, is greater than the other?
Don’t quarrel over who is superior;
And who is not;
The one is a devotee of Ram, the other of Rahman.
Deen Darvish says, the two unite in one ocean;
There is only one Lord of all.
The Hindu and the Musalman are one

– tommy schmitz


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