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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Deposed judges’ restoration not possible on May 12: Fazal

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ISLAMABAD: Jamiat-Ulema-Islam-F Amir Maulana Fazalur Rehman has said the restoration of the deposed judges could not possible on May12. Talking to newsmen after the party meeting on Sunday, Maulana Fazalur Rehman said that it would be no less than a miracle if the deposed judges were restored in time.

He suggested that all judges that have taken oath under ‘PCOs’ be relieved of their duties. Fazalur Rehman said suppression of judiciary under emergency rule was an illegal action but maintained that no controversial person should become a judge. He said that when the deposed judges could not be restored in 30 days’ how they could be reinstated within 10 days. He said he would give his point of view on the issue after perusal of the text of the resolution for restoration of judges.

To a question, JUI Amir the MMA was accused of approving of 17th amendment but why the media not highlight former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif U turn when he changed his decisions several times. To a question, he said that two major would take decision about General (R) Pervez Musharraf future.

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