SAFMA for withdrawal of PERMA, PNNABRO

ISLAMABAD: The World Press Freedom Day was observed throughout the country on Saturday. On this occasion, South Asian Free Media Association called up the new democratic government to agree in the implementation of the measures that all arbitrary brought into the 1973 constitution should be withdrawn, to take out PEMRA, PNNABRO, to resolve to purse, restoration of freedom of expression and media of without any undemocratic restrictions.

The SAFMA also suggested to amend the current law on freedom of information on these lines that freedom of information law should provide for maximum disclosure , public bodies must be obliged to publish key information and exceptions should be clearly and narrowly drawn and subject to strict “ harm” and ‘ public interest” testes.

Similarly, the SAFMA proposed to requests for information should be processed rapidly and fairly and refusals should be appeal-able to independent tribunals, free for disclosure should not be high as this will discourage the seekers of information and laws that are inconsistent with the principle of maximum disclosure should be suitably amended or repealed.

It also demanded of individuals who release information on wrongdoing –whistleblowers-must be protected , the right to access record /information in the possession of public bodies/authorities should be acknowledges and the ground s on which information may be exempted from disclosure should be reduced to the minimum, even exempted information should be disclosed if public interest demands it.-SANA

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