CD shop burn in SWAT

SWAT: Some unidentified persons have blown up a CD shop in Kala Qila area of Kabal tehsil in Swat, sources said. However, no causality was reported in the incident. Sources said that the blast also damaged five nearby shops. The bomb disposal squad was called at the blast site after reports of presence of another bomb. The squad later recovered and defused a 20 kg bomb and case was registered against unknown persons.

My question to the people who instigate human beings to blow themselves up is CDs are the Satan or they themselves are the Satan, CDs [according to them evil is being spread through the CDs but what about the evil they spread just by killing the earning hand of a family, orphaning his kids, widowing his better half] CDs do not ask anyone to kill themselves. This the terrorism and the vested interests of several groups which are responsible for this filthy game in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Rubab you are right! I just cannot understand why any one would kill for something as intangible as an image or movie on a CD? How is such an intangible more important than a living person?

  • Desh!
    this is just to create a bad name and image about Islam… that it does not allow people to be moderate.. just vested interests.