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Gulf investors to enter Pakistan’s farm sector


DUBAI: UAE and Gulf investors pledged Dh11 billion ($3 billion) in Pakistan’s agriculture and dairy sector, a statement said. “Abu Dhabi Group will set up new sugar mills and making additional agri-dairy investments in Pakistan; Engro Chemicals, which is investing $1.6 billion in the sector over the next three years while the UK Department of for International Development has granted around $50 million to a project for dairy and agriculture investment in the province of Punjab,” the statement said.

Abraaj Capital has announced investments in dairy farming and value-added dairy products from a $250 million fund to be announced for Pakistan. Saudi Arabia’s Al Rabie has expressed interest in sourcing tomato paste, citrus pulp, and packed beans from Pakistan. Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mub-arak Al Nahyan, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Group, said, “Pakistan’s economy has seen extraordinary progress. A wide range of reforms has been enacted in the areas of taxation, trade and tariffs, banking and finance, industry and agriculture, deregulation and privatisation, fiscal transparency and governance.

“We see the results of these bold measures in high levels of economic growth. The confidence of the private sector is high and international investments are increasing.” More than 100 delegates involved in the agricultural industry, investors, institutions and entrepreneurs gathered at the first Middle East-Pakistan Agriculture and Dairy Investment Forum last week.


  1. Dear Friend
    Me intend to build a dairy farm in which the prime focus is to build a shed for cows. We have the required land under our own ownership &
    also have 3 Lakhs PK Rs to build the same; however, we need the money to purchase cows. We have decided that whoever will purchase for us 20 Australian cows, we’ll
    repay him the lump sum within two years on monthly installments of 50,000PK RS & will also make him our 50% partner in our farm business.We’ll look after the farm ourselves.
    Whoever will get us 20 cows bought, we’ll give him a cheque as a testimony ,equal to the cost spent on cows’ purchase. We’ll also write an agreement affidevit stating the
    50% partnership of the one giving us loan since we dont want to get interest based loans from banks. We belive in pure business, free of any interest on loans that may spoil
    our good deeds. If any further agreement or proof is required in this regard,we are ready to serve for the same. We live in district Sargodha’s village ‘Bhera’
    where our property is located & we desire to build our farm there. Pls advise us further in this regard. Looking forward for your swift response.

    Pls find below the estimate chart of Dairy farm set up. We have the capacity for 20 cows. If you are willing to do business with more than 20 cows, you will be purchasing the land on your own. However, in that case we’ll be looking after the complete farm ourselves & will work under your supervision & ownership.


    Zafar Hussain.
    Sargodha Pakistan


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