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NCHD Literacy program achieving objectives: Azra Pechoho

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NAWABSHAH: Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Dr. Azra Pechoho has said that NCHD Literacy program achieving objectives, as given target regarding of the employment, health and literacy in far flung areas of the district through hard working and commitment of its team, while PPP government is also committed and believe in the development of Education, Health and jobs to the youth of the country.

She said this during the visit of district Nawabshah villages named Mohammad Bux Zardari and Ali Murad Zardari with team of NCHD district General Manager Saleem Yousfani and other staff. She apprised the services of female teachers and said that NCHD is playing a vital role in the different fields by performing in their female education, health and employment for development of the country as well as the devoted social welfare services for well being of the masses at every stage.

While during the briefing by DGM Nawabshah told MNA Dr. Azra Pechoho that the NCHD has reopened some 196 feeder schools and 600 feeder schools in the district in the first phase, besides the 600 more literacy centers would be established in the next phase he told. DGM further informed in briefing that 15000 female has been graduated and literate in the sessions and further enrolment drive is continue in the next phase, On the occasion Education District Officer Razi Khan Jamali and NCHD DPM, DLOs, Volunteerism department and other staff was present.

Where as, during the briefing to the Zila Nazim Nawabshah Faryyal Talpur told that NCHD regarding the ORS campaign trained the female, especially mothers more than 2, 34000 at their homes in the district and awareness of health activities simultaneously. DGM informed that NCHD taking all out efforts to the District Government to achieve the sacred cause of Education and Health to ensure sustainability of its programs providing as a support role for district level in community development. NCHD is striving to promote Human Development in country through Primary Education, Mass Literacy, Primary Health Care, and Capacity Development to improve social sector delivery, Community Participation & volunteerism, and Gender Equality in society.

He informed that several medical camps have been arranged at different locations of the district and patients have been provided free medicines and treatment, these camps served by the specialized doctors of skin, child, and gynecological and general physicians. He said the medicines were distributed among patients and financial support was also provided by different individual philanthropists. NCHD Volunteer Medical Station (VMS) which is also working at main city civil hospitals of district and the services are free by Volunteers with arrangement and collecting medicines and free blood through donors to needy & poor patients in the shape of lab tests, blood bags, medicines and other logistic support through individual philanthropists and Forum members.

NCHD is Nawabshah have played its vital role in the different activities through Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)- Program at district level. The Village Trainers (VTs) and and Volunteers, where they inform about ORS Campaign at each household at least one woman is to be aware about the Diarrheal disease and its causes, effects of diarrhea on the human body, Signs of dehydration during diarrhea, Preparation of home-made Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), Administration of ORS to children, Use of proper diet during diarrhea, Identification of danger signs in diarrhea and its precautionary measures. He said till today 234000 women have been trained in the villages of district he said. He said the orientation to the District / Taluka Nazim/elected Representatives, District Government / Line departments, UCCs /Volunteers have been provided and targeted to mothers especially in the district far and flung areas he said.

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  1. NCHD is doing a good job for people of Tharparkar: Sassui Palejo
    The Minister for Culture & Tourism department, Government of Sindh Mrs. Sasui Palejo has said that NCHD is doing a good job for the people of Tharparkar, which district is most backward and deprived district of the province of Sindh. She spoke these words yesterday during her visit of the NCHD office district Tharparkar. On this occasion she was given a brief presentation about the NCHD performance of last 2 years by the District General Manger Tharparkar Mr. Abdul Karim Memon. She was apprised that the commission after conducting the Baseline Survey of out of school children has succeeded in increasing the enrolment rate from 48% to 63%. The District General Manager informed the honorable Minister that Tharparkar has lowest enrolment rate in all the districts of Sindh. The main reason mentioned to her was that still 150 locations / villages where access to education is not provided to the children of 5 to 7 year age. The District General Manager also informed to the Minister that at 267 locations Feeder Schools are opened where there was access problem to the children. The enrolment in these Feeder Schools is 9895. She was told that in Tharparkar the district education literacy rate is 18 % and female rate is just about 7 %. She was further told that keeping in view the lowest female literacy rate the Commission has established 870 female literacy centers in the district in which more than ten thousand female have graduated. She praised and appreciated such efforts taken by the Commission for the improvement of the literacy rate and quality education in the district. She pledged full support of PPP government to the Commission for achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. She further added that we have acute need of such organizations for improving the life standard of the people of Sindh. During the visit she was also informed about the “Blood Donation bank” established by the NCHD during the Marui festival with the collaboration of the Thalassamia Centre Badin.

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