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Geelani still under house arrest


SRINAGAR: Chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani has been put under house arrest by Indian forces to prevent him from carrying out his polls boycott campaign in occupied Kashmir. While expressing anguish over his house arrest Geelani told Rising Kashmir over phone “I had to attend some condolence gatherings in Srinagar and attend a meeting of Imams at Hurriyat Conference Rajbagh Head quarters.”

A large contingent of the police laid a siege around Hurriyat chairman’s house. He was informed that he cannot move out and was under house arrest. Terming his repeated house arrests as frustration of establishment Geelani said, “India is frustrated due to our growing popularity. They are confining me to my house again and again for keeping me away from the people.”

The Hurriyat chairman said, “We had to discuss election boycott, cultural onslaught and moral degradation among youth of the valley in today’s meeting.” Meanwhile, a statement issued here quoting Geelani called for the complete boycott of the elections saying that the mainstream parties were taking the undue advantage of the Kashmir issue.

He said, “They have no different stand other than India. They take advantage of Kashmir issue for coming into the power,” he said, adding they were ‘too close’ to India than to the Kashmiri people. Geelani held the pro-freedom parties responsible for the plight of the Kashmiri.

Reiterating his call of election boycott, he said, “Casting a vote is tantamount to making a sell out of the martyrs who have rendered sacrifices for the ongoing freedom struggle.”
He said his party election boycott will be ‘peaceful.’ On the other hand, meeting of Imams at Hurriyat Conference (G) headquarters was chaired by its secretary Ghulam Nabi Sumji .

Imams of different masjids participated and deliberated on the need for election boycott, awareness about cultural onslaught and moral education among youth. “If Ashok Singhal of BJP can raise voice against immoral and semi nude cheer leaders in twenty-twenty cricket why cannot Muslim community react on the growing immorality amongst the youth” said Qazi Ahadullah representing Jamaat i Islami in the meeting. One of the Imams of a Masjid from Srinagar said, “Every Imam has a religious duty of making people aware about rights and wrongs of the establishment.”-SANA



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