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Naveed Qamar to Address Dubai Forum


ISLAMABAD: Syed Naveed Qamar Federal Minister for Privatisation, Investment, Ports, Shipping, Industries & Production has arrived Dubai to deliver his keynote address at Middle East-Pakistan Agriculture & Dairy Forum today (Tuesday) April 29, 2008. The objective of the Dubai Forum is to affect a ‘Road Show’ for Pakistan Dairy and Agriculture sector in the Gulf. Arrangements are made for compatible businesses to come together to exchange contacts, experiences and network with a view to generate real investment and Joint Venture opportunities in the sector.

A comparative analysis of regional growth rates by World Development indicators 2006 highlights Pakistan agri-sector’s growth of 4.6 % second only to China’s 5.0%. India and Malaysia have grown at 3.0 % and 3.1% respectively. Pakistan is the World’s largest producer of oranges variety; it is also the 5th largest producer of milk having the world’s 3rd largest herd of animals. It ranks in the top five producers of the world in mangoes and dates. Additionally, the potential in crops like cotton, rice and sugar has earned directly or indirectly more than 70% of total national exports.

Asia’s second largest milk processing factory has been set up in Pakistan by Nestle SA. Nestle aims to invest PKR 50 billion in the country by 2014. Marco, Metro & Carrefour are the new entrants in retail. They entered the market only in the last one-year and the scope for more retailers continues to be unlimited. Retailers intend to export fruits and vegetables for regional operations from Pakistan.

Some of the high return areas include corporate dairy farming, seed production & processing industry, agriculture export processing zone, dates processing industry, vegetable processing and canning industry, fresh mango processing, essential oil extraction industry, compartmentalized cold storage, rural infrastructure etc;. Most GCC foreign investment is directed towards Asian economies. Pakistan has received substantial share of GCC investments in financial services, telecom and real estate. Agriculture and dairy will be a win-win for both countries. Pakistan has some of the highest returns in the sector and GCC imports 90% of its agri-dairy needs.

During the Dubai Forum presentations will be made by multinationals on their investment experiences and future interest in Pakistan’s agi-dairy sector, Pakistani businesses will highlight high return opportunity areas for attracting investment & Joint Venture partnership in the sector while Gulf investors will deliberate on their interest and needs analysis on the Pakistan’s agri-dairy sector.-SANA



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