83 pc Pakistanis protect environment: Gallup Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: According to Gallup Pakistan, 83% people in the country take some measure to protect the environment mostly through conservation of energy in the household (50%), recycling (40%) and conserving water (35%).

Respondents in Pakistan were asked whether their household takes any of six different possible actions aimed at protecting the environment. According to Gallup Pakistan 50% are using less energy (gas, electricity) in the house, 45% are creating less waste, 35% are using less water, 14% using less spray products/ Using spray products that don’t affect the ozone, 6% are using less batteries/ replace common batteries with rechargeable batteries, whereas 17 % Pakistanis are using a car less/take more public transport. While 14% in Pakistan don’t take actions for protecting the environment, Gallup Pakistan says. And 3 % abstained to respond, it added.

According to the survey three fourths of the respondents (75%) in Pakistan are concerned over the impact of change in global temperatures and they believe that global warming affects them personally. The remaining 15 % in the country don’t consider change in environment as a serious matter. It is pertinent to mention that using less energy, recycling (creating less waste) and using less water are the most common actions to protect the environment.-SANA

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