PML-Q supports judge’s restoration: Shujaat

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (Q) president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that they do not oppose judges’ restoration and rather want resolution of the judges issue in line with the public sentiments and aspirations. He was talking to media person at his residence after PML-Q parliamentary meeting on Tuesday.

Ch. Shujaat said he never opposed the judges restoration and it was up to the ruling coalition to decide how many judges would be restored and when. He also praised decision of the Apex Court which had invalidated the graduation condition for contesting elections saying it would help strengthen the democratic system.

Commenting on the joint press conference of the ruling coalition, Shujaat said there was no harmony in the statements of both the leaders. “I had earlier predicted that the one-month time frame would come to an end but these politicians would not be able to settle the judges’ issue. Now you see, 9 days are left in the deadline and they have now formed a committee to settle the issue,” he said.

Shujaat called on PPP and PML-N to solve the atta crises. “The PML would continue reminding the coalition government to fulfill the promises they made to the masses during their electoral campaign”, he said. Shujaat he said that the impression that PML-Q is internally divided was wrong. Earlier, Senator S.M. Zafar gave a detailed briefing about a possible resolution to restore the deposed judges.-SANA


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