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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

NWFP information Minister seeks help for restructuring society

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PESHAWAR: Provincial Minister for Information and Public Relations, Sardar Hussain Babak has appealed to the people particularly intellectuals, opinion leaders, politicians and journalists to help the government in rebuilding the society into an egalitarian form. He said this while he was visiting his own constituency, Buner. The NWFP information Minister said, “We all have to honestly confess and accept the share of our own fault if we wished to safely continue journey as an independent and a free nation.”

Regarding the role of media in projecting problems, he said journalists also in certain cases advertently or inadvertently promoted the cause of hoarders and profiteers. Reports and headlines about shortage of wheat, rice and other edibles and reports of ups and downs in prices of plots and property and the like mostly served the purpose of business tycoons than doing anything good to the consumers.

He said that government and bureaucracy were certainly responsible for the wheat crisis; however, the journalists had also enhanced the problem instead of doing anything that could have helped to contain this hardship. When news about shortage of edibles is flashed, the profiteers and hoarders take it to their advantage and hold back the stock thereby selling the goods on prices of their own choice, the minister added.

He said there must be shortage of wheat in the market but the urge of the business community to earn more and more and the inadvertent support of media to them has added to the problems of the poor consumers. He confessed that “we journalists often disclose shortcomings of others; however we hardly bother to evaluate the consequences of our reports.”

He said that journalists, intellectuals, opinion leaders and people of reasons would have to ponder over how to rebuild the broken fabric of society. They should jointly discourage all the forces that harm the society in one or the other form. He said the present government would do its level best to maintain transparency. It is pertinent to mention that Sardar Hussain Babak had been student of journalism and was a reporter with a foreign paper.-SANA

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