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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Flour, wheat smuggling to Afghanistan continues

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ISLAMABAD: Wheat and flour smuggling to Afghanistan is continuing despite its severe shortage and high prices in cities of Pakistan. Sources have informed that the wheat and flour were smuggled by ponies, which can carry 3000 tons of wheat a day, from Pakistan to Afghanistan. The trained pony can carry about 500 kg of wheat in one turn.

Sources said that the smuggling was being carried out through selected routes and the animal carrying the goods can reach its destination in just two hours by adopting the specific paths. These are specially trained ponies — price of one such trained pony is about 40, 000 in the local market — the sources said. They added that the animals have been trained for travel on the routes where forces can not follow them.

In this type of smuggling the mafias earn RS. 35 per 1kg of wheat or atta. The smuggling mafia possess about 8, 000 trained ponies. According to the recent survey in NWFP, 540, 00 such ponies exist in the province.-SANA

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