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Corruption pushes support toward Taliban in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: The local people in Afghanistan are willing to support Taliban and the battle for Afghanistan is harder now than it was after the Taliban were first forced out of power in Kabul. Local people were willing to help the Taliban because they supported their brand of justice, claimed BBC.

In one of the villages under their control, people willing to come forward and talk to the BBC, they said that security was much better now as Taliban were there. One of them, Gul Wazir, said that the Taliban were prepared to try to resolve small problems. He said, “Even if it’s a minor thing, the Taliban will sort it out. Before (when the government of President Karzai was in control) it was not like that. They did not pay attention to us and the poor people were ignored.”

The overall military commander of the Taliban in Wardak, Mullah Rashid Akhond, claimed to have 2,000 active fighters. He told BBC that the Taleban were running their own courts. He said “People are taking their cases away from the government courts and coming to us. Now there is no robbery in our area.”

Many of the suicide bombers who go to Kabul come from this area, just an hour’s drive away. Mullah Akhond justified them, saying that most of the attacks are now carried out by Afghans themselves, not foreign fighters Taliban in Afghanistan are now feeling more confident as they claim to have influence across most of the country and have extended their area of control from their traditional heartland in the south.

They are able to operate freely even in Wardak Province, neighbouring the capital Kabul.
One of their commanders in Wardak, Mullah Hakmatullah, said they do not control the roads or the towns, but they hold the countryside and have increasing support because of the corruption of the administration. “The administration does not solve people’s problems. People who go there with problems have to give a lot of money in bribes and then they get stuck there,” Mullah Hakmatullah said.

Speaking in London, the former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali said that the rise of the Taleban was caused by weakness in the central government. He said “It is the kind of problem that can be solved only with the establishment of good governance.”-SANA

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