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Prominent Taliban Commander shot dead near Peshawar: US, Pakistani officials

ISLAMABAD: A prominent Taliban commander, who had been allegedly involving in deadliest attacks on US forces in Easter Afghanistan, has been killed in a fight near Peshawar, Pakistani and US officials claimed. According to Radio Azadi the commander Ahmad Shah, who is also known as Mullah Ismail, in Badabera near Peshawar. Two US security officials confirmed Shah’s death in a fight saying Pakistani security officials possess his dead body.

US and Afghan officials said that Mullah Ismail killed 16 troops when he attacked US forces in Kunar in 2005 and shot down a Chinook helicopter. A police official in Badaber, in south of Peshawar, said that they were informed about some kidnappers in the area few days ago. Police teams were formed and the area was condoned off. Police halted a coming vehicle along with three on board. Fire was exchanged between them and the police and two on board were shot dead. The third who was a hostage was freed.

He said the dead men carried bogus papers that identified them as Haroon and Noor Agha. But later intelligence report confirmed that one of the killed was Ahmad shah, the Taliban commander. An official of the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan said they could neither reject nor accept killing of Mulla Ismail.
Zabiullah Mujahed, a Taliban spokesman, also said he he can say nothing about his killing.

US and Afghan forces had repeatedly attempted to dismantle group of Shah in Kunar that was believed to have links with Al-Qaeda. However, they couldn’t succeed. Killing of Ahmad shah may help in further strengthening relations between US and the new government in Pakistan, said a report of Radio Azadi.-SANA

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