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Pak-Afghan highway blocked due to clashes in Jamrod


KHYBER AGENCY: Pak-Afghan Highway was blocked for traffic due to clashes here on Monday between two rival groups at Tehsil Jamrud. According to sources, there is an armed conflict between two tribes led by a religious outfit that included Kokikhel Malagori and Nekikhel. The Kokikhel tribesmen stopped traffic at Wazirdand and Nekikhel tribesmen at Walikhel on Pak-Afghan Highway.

Malagori tribesmen have also blocked the traffic on Malagori-Landikotal Road. The tribesmen armed with heavy weapons are seen taking positions at different places along the highway. On the other hand, the religious outfit has re-opened its office at Shahkaus area and hundreds of supporters of the organization have set up check-posts. Political administration has also set up two check-posts at Takhtabeg.-SANA


  1. salam madam.i readout ur post about clush n jamrud tehsil..but u didnt mention why people blocked the road?what was the reason?plz madam when u write somethinh u should give breif detail..thanx


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