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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Two die 10 injure in Kurram Agency

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KURRAM AGENCY: Two persons died and ten got injured in fresh clashes taking place here without any halt since last nine days that claimed lives of 37, while 105 were left wounded. Sources said that the clashes between the tribesmen using heavy and automatic weapons continued since last nine days here, which had erupted after a caravan on way to Peshawar from Parachanar was attacked at Kharkalay, while in the fresh skirmishes left further 2 dead and 10 wounded.

Peshawar-Parachanar artery for traffic stood completely closed and electricity in the area remained suspended due to the clashes and tense situation in the area, throwing the Parachanar citizens in a miserable condition facing shortage of food and beverages.-SANA

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