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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Altaf Hussain resignation- transient scam

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altaf.jpgAltaf Hussain lives in fools heaven if he considers Pakistanis fools, who will laud him for taking back decision of stepping down from the position of party chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM. Millions would have thanked Allah when it was being televised that Altaf Hussian has announced his resignation. Though everyone was very much aware of the fact that it was his another transient scam for gaining loyalty within his party and from the general masses among them he was losing favours due to continuous inability to maintain law and order in Karachi.

He is such an angel that he resigned on pretext of the violence in Karachi on April 9 that resulted in the deaths of people and damage to property, he was of the point that elected members of his party failed to contain violence in Karachi on April 9.. What an irony!!! Incidents of more serious nature have occurred than present Karachi riot, but he did not even bother to think of stepping down from his chairperson-ship. Why he decided to announce his resignation at this particular time and setting a trend of blackmailing the newly elected Government.

According to television reports Altaf Commenting on April 9 incidents, “he is grieved at the violent incidents on April 9. When the violent riots erupted in Karachi, I asked Rabta Committee members of MQM and representatives to quit their work and restore peace in the city”. People call it very treacherous to first get involve in erupting riots and then pretending of being innocent by announcing his resignation. He has added fuel to fire first by taking Pakistanis as fools; who will believe he resigned in some kind of sincerity and patriotism and then taking his decision back. His scams are not workable now, Pakistanis are very much aware of the dirty games he tried to play.

Most of the people opine that it is really difficult for any boss to run government machinery in Karachi(the most vulnerable and volatile city of Pakistan) without the support of MQM. So Zardari showed political prudence and took initiative of going to nine zero, despite the fact that MQM has been involved in killing the workers of PPP in May 12 Karachi massacre, Nishtar Park and also allegedly involved in attacks with bombs on Benazir Bhutto rally on October 18, 2007 the day she arrived Pakistan. Many brows were raised over this step all over the Pakistan.

On other hand Pakistan People’s Party has tried to place Dotson’s spare parts into Toyota car, this vehicle would not be operational till the right part is placed into right place. A natural division of pro and anti Musharraf groups has emerged clearly. A deliberate effort to mingle them into each other would be disastrous. MQM has always supported Musharraf and stood by his illegitimate rule.

PPP’s workers and PML-N workers have approved the allience of PPP and PML-N, however Pakistan people’s Party’s several steps are questionable e.g showing less interest in restoring judges, paying less attention to Dr. Qadeer issue, joining hands with the most abhorred party of Pakistan i.e. MQM and trying not to lose working relationship with Musharraf will lead to a chaotic situation.

People have assigned an undue power to Altaf Hussain, only a small group favours him and his party. Majority has disapproved his party manifesto and never liked him for he along with his corrupt leadership has institutionalized corruption in Pakistan and making Karachi a vulnerable city. His party has become a pressure group for every party or alliance trying to formulate government. His current step proves and is an indication for the Pakistan People’s Party that MQM can go to any extent if it is kept aside, people inquire while Intelligence agencies can use Imran Khan against MQM, why these cant completely eradicate MQM.

He should resign permanently from the politics to avoid the antagonism of Pakistanis, who are very happy to hear the news of his resignation from the party leadership.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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