Lawyers must throw out the conspirators: Justice Sidiqui

ISLAMABAD: Justice (Retd) Saed-u-Zaman Sidiqui has urged the lawyers’ leaders to soon search out conspirators who have made intrusion into the ranks of the lawyers and after identification action on Bar Council level against them should be taken soon. Commenting on the violence against former federal minister Dr. Sher Afgan he said, “It is beyond understanding that lawyers will damage cause of its movement by committing such acts.” Certainly, such incidents were caused by the persons who had made encroachment into the lawyers and plotted to damage the lawyers’ movement, he said.

“The lawyers’ leaders should immediately identify such elements and took action against them on Bar Council level, so that the movement could be secured against conspiracies”, said Justice (R) Sidiqqui while talking to a private TV channel. The retired Justice expressed his apprehension that few such incidents could detract the lawyers’ movement. He said that to move for the cause in the right direction was responsibility of the leaders of the lawyers.-SANA

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