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Sher Afghan Tortured, Aitzaz rescued him


Lahore: A group of lawyers hit former Federal Minister Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi in Lahore. This condemnable incident happen when a large number of lawyers laid a siege around office of Dr. Afgan’s lawyer when he came to visit him. It is reported that there were more non layers than lawyers.

President Supreme Court Bar Association arrived there and rescued him, he controlled the situation. He brought Dr. Sher out of the building escorted by police and took him to the ambulance. The lawyers smashed window panes of the Edhi ambulance and punctured its tires. They held the lawyer and constitutional expert from his collar that tore apart.

While Aitzaz Ahsan mounted on the roof of the ambulance and took him away from the crowd. Governer Punjab has taken Dr. Sher Afghan to safe place. Aitzaz Ahsan told the TV channel that there was majority of general people rather than lawyers. He said that the lawyers movement is seriously sabotaged with this criminal act. He told the Channel that people are against President Musharraf and this was the expression of their agony against him. Being dejected he has announced his resignation from the post of President Supreme Court Bar Association amid the shameful heave and cry.

Before arrival of Aitzaz Ahsan to the spot, Afghan appealed to the President and Prime Minister for his rescue and declared that the lawyers were planning to kill him. He said on phone, that was televised by several TV channels that he believed in Allah but the incidence would bear unfortunate consequences.

Justice Tariq(r) condemned this incident and said that it was an attempt to sabotage lawyers movement during an interview to a private channel TV program. Munir A. Malik said that black sheep in lawyers community had destroyed the movement. Ali Ahmed Kurd said, “he will not step into Lahore High Court Bar”

Ch. Shujaat Hussain president o PML-Q has condemned the incident and said their party will protest in the parliament. Babar Ghori MQM leader has called this incident deplorable. It is also reported that opposition will boycott the Assembly Sessions.

Resources told Pakistan Times in Mianwali people have started protesting against torture.

Day before yesterday Former Chief Minister of Sindh Arbab Ghulam Rahim was beaten and manhandled in Parliament, while he came to take oath in assembly session, and this second example of beating Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi has proved that people disapproved the Musharraf and his coalition parties who illegitimately formed the government. Though beating any federal minister is condemnable and criminal act but that is expression of the agony and pain of people of Pakistan. They feel in shape of inflation, unemployment, unavailability of basic needs and absence of rights and last but not the least an illegitimate rule by dictator.

Everybody in Pakistan condemn this act and never want to set these kind of precedents while there are signs of new and fresh breeze is touching all the Pakistanis. This is a conspiracy to fail the present government and sabotage the lawyers movement. The Statement coming from former Federal Minister Railways Sh. Rasheed Ahmed approves the idea that, “100 days for present regime seem more than enough”.

It is request to all the lawyers and prudent people of the Pakistan to stay calm and cool because a time has come when their sacrifices will bear fruits. people and Laweyrs must not become the part and parcel of any conspiracy fabricated against the interests of the Pakistan and Pakistanis.



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