Qazi asks Govt. to address reservations on FCR

SLAMABAD: Jamaat Islami Chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed said here Tuesday that tribesmen had expressed reservations regarding abrupt abolition of Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) that the government should address. While talking to media in his residence here, the JI chief said that Thana Culture would add to the persisting problems. He suggested that tribal issues should be addressed according to their ancient traditions of jirga that should be made an elected body in those areas.

He added that tribesmen were skeptical of the abolition of FCR as there could be American interests involved in it that is an apprehension the government should remove. He suggested that the government should take into confidence all the tribes so that they should be made part of the decision-making.

He termed Dr. Abdul Qadeer a national hero and reiterated that he himself would go to see him. He said that any offer short of restoration of the judiciary would not be accepted. Condemning the manhandling of Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that being major party in the government Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) bore the responsibility of maintaining peace, hence should control its workers.

He said that they would go to the masses in next elections to eschew the American influence of the country. Declaring Pervez Musharraf as “unlawful president”, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that he does not deserve to be the president constitutionally and legally. He said that Jamaat Islami would sit in opposition in Senate and would not enter in an alliance with Pakistan Muslim League-Q.-SANA

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