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All contract employees of OPF regularized

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah directed the OPF to regularize the services of all OPF contract Employees with immediate effect who have been working for the last many years.

Addressing the senior officials of Overseas Pakistanis Division, who gave briefing about the OP Division to Federal Minister in OPF Head office building hereon Tuesday, the Federal Minister said that the all teachers of OPF Schools and colleges all over the country may be regularized soon. Secretary OP Division, Ms. Naheed Hyder gave briefing to the Federal Minister. Managing Director, OPF, Syed Nayyar Hasnain Haider and Joint Secretary, OP Division, Naeem Baig, were also present in the briefing.

Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah directed that 50% discount in tuition fee in OPF educational institutions would be given to the children of overseas Pakistanis. He said that Overseas Pakistanis who are the holders of Golden Plus and Platinum cards issued under Foreign Exchange Remittance Scheme would be offered free education in OPF educational institutions to their children throughout the country. He said that the admission of all children of overseas Pakistanis would be ensured in OPF schools and colleges. He also asked the Managing Director, OPF to introduce market based salary structure to attract the qualified teachers in OPF educational institutions. However, in job training will be arranged for the teachers who have been working in OPF Public Schools and Colleges. OPF will expand its educational network in the country in overseas Pakistanis concentration area on the need basis to facilitate the children of overseas Pakistanis, he added.

The Federal Minister decided to revive Foreign Exchange Remittance Scheme under which million of dollars are remitted in the country every year. He said that FERC Scheme would be made more attractive by giving tangible incentives. He said to establish effective interaction with overseas Pakistanis conventions would be held in Pakistan and abroad to mobilize them for making investment in Pakistan. He directed the MD, OPF to ensure maximum facilities at all international airports of the country through OPF airport counters to overseas Pakistanis at the time of their arrival and departure.

Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that OPF should explore the needs to establish hospital/ trauma centres in the country to facilitate the families of overseas Pakistanis particularly in remote areas along main highways.

Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that the Hajj quota reserved for the dependents of overseas Pakistanis will be doubled from 500 to 1000 in next year for the family members of overseas Pakistanis. He said that the additional quota of 500 which has been increased would be reserved for Golden Plus and Platinum cardholders in future.-SANA

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  • The decision of the Minister are very positive. I would like to appreciate his efforts to provide facilities to the oversees Pakistanis in Education and Health sector. Could you please indicate the website from where I can get full information on foreign Exchange remittance card and who are golden Plus and Platinum cardholders. Thanks

  • From: dilawar gill
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    Sir, I got mentally tortured and humiliated by the company and they did not gave me my passport travel toPakistan . When I humbly request for vacation which is due according to the agreement, I am mentally tortured by them and not given my rights. So I apply against him in the Labor Court of jeddah. The court gave an unfair decision that if I want to go I can leave as final exit ( Kharooj) and company will pay me all the remaining dues. I protest that decision but they did not listen to me. I also request please give me copy of final decision but he is also ignore me. The company gave me Cheque of Al-Riyad Bank of 3774/- Saudi Riyal but did not give me the chance to cash the Cheque and exit me from Saudia Arabia .on jul-5-2005 and still painding taht Cheque.
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    ii. Ministry of Religious and Manority .and Ministtry of labour Men Power .O.P.F
    iii. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Islamabad Pakistan
    iv. Prime Minister Govt. of pakistan
    v. President of Pakistan .
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