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Judge lets man keep license to visit wives


GLASGOW: A Muslim man caught speeding says he was allowed to keep his license after a Scottish judge heard he needed it to spend time with his two wives. Mohammed Anwar’s attorney told the judge his client needed his license to fulfill responsibilities as a husband to wives in Glasgow and Motherwell and run his restaurant business in Falkirk, the Daily Mail reported.

Airdrie Sheriff Court heard that Anwar was cited Aug. 21, 2007, for traveling 64 mph in a 34 mph speed zone, a violation severe enough to warrant immediate license revocation. “Regardless of the number of wives or businesses this man drives to he broke a law which is there to protect everyone,” said Lorna Jackson of the driving safety non-profit group Brake.

Anwar applauded the court’s decision, saying the success of his business rests on his ability to commute. “He realizes his license is at risk, but this is an unusual case and is very anxious to keep his driving license,” Anwar’s attorney, Paul Nicolson said.-SANA



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