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Liqour shops disturb peace in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The recent revival of licenses to the wine vendors in occupied Kashmir underwent tough opposition to the whole process which was quite natural. The clergy including the populists section of separate political leadership got irked not because of some individual interest but because of the general social curse which they felt and as a sincere conscious effort to eradicate the evil from the society. No doubt who gets credit is important and matters in political scene.

The unanimous reaction worked sense of unity which is a good sign for helpless Kashmiri people and speaks of political sense that with some efforts and organizational skills the conflict can be resolved and common Kashmiri will participate in conflict resolution process if the political fundamentalists adhere to the basic principles of political liberty ( political fundamentalism refers to the stand of people who demand India i.e., the Indian Kashmiri political bound wagon).

The heart of matter is that the consensus, reconciliation and facilitation of dialogue will find some acceptation if chance is given and if it is availed. However the point of discussion is not the political equity in Kashmir but the cultural aspect of Kashmiri politics. As political dimension and the cultural dimension are inseparable, the Kashmir as a land of peace and cultural harmony has always been eyed upon by the evil forces of economic exploitation, cultural suppression and political maneuvering.

The new capitalist oriented strategy has been adopted by the industrial political complex which is pro-active in New Delhi to influence and distort the harmonious culture of Kashmir essential rooted in good deeds, good ideas and good action, the liquor shop opening seems to be the deliberate attempt of capitalist democrats to disturb the peaceful survival of social affairs in Kashmir, adds JKLF vice Chairman Advocate Bashir Ahmad Bhat . The sex scandal is rooted and demands to be analyzed in the content of social murder or rather cultural genocide which is responsibility of people in parleys of power.

The liquor shop in the premises of the area were the institutions of learning are based seems to be the official policy to character degradation of young people, lamented Sheikh Ab Aziz (PL) and Mohammad Iqbal Mir (MeA) and Senior Hurriyat leaders.

The Khanabal example serves as a specimen to above concept. The locality is stationed by the institutions of learning like the Govt .Degree College (boys) Govt. Hr. Sec.School, DIET (Distrcit Institue of Education and Training ) Methenia Army Public School amidst few meters away is the liquor shop, what social wisdom exists in the minds of the psychopathic bureaucracy and political leadership who sanctioned and allotted license for the liquor shop which does not coincide with the cultural logic of present times in Kashmir.

The only possible answer is the new policy of cultural genocide as a part of well knit strategy to silence and counter the resistance at psychological level because the secret agencies like police and C.O are located very near the area, as we are aware that weak minds are forged in manacles of subjugation and exploitation, again adds Shabir Ahmad Shah Chairman Freedom Party.

When District Magistrate Anantnag J.P Sing was contacted in this regard, he expressed anonymity and told to “on the track” that probably the wine shop has been closed by erstwhile D.M , however he will look into the matter . Let the good sense prevail and stop the things without delay otherwise a new breed of bottlenecks will prove detrimental because no order is possible for centre until there is no order in centre.-SANA

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