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Friday, June 25, 2021

AJK delegation spends two million for nothing: TeK UK

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MANCHESTER: Chief Patron of Tehreek-e- Kashmir UK, Syed Munwar Hussain Mehshadi has accused that a delegation of AJK government currently visiting UK and Europe achieved nothing but wasted two million hard earned money of the tax payers. Addressing a meeting of Tehreek-e-Kashmir North Zone he said recent visit of AJK Prime minister Sardar Attique Ahmed to Belgium, UK and other European countries with a truck load of state ministers, MLAs and other government functionaries is nothing more than a pleasure trips at the cost of public exchequer.

He said AJK government headed by Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan has no role in Kashmir freedom movement and it should desist from wasting public money on luxuries of costly foreign tours. The money should be spent on rehabilitation of the earthquake victims and on welfare of those widows, orphans and the families affected during the freedom struggle in occupied Kashmir.

He urged the new elected government in Pakistan to take cognizance of the activities of AJK government by holding them accountable for wasting public funds on meaningless foreign tours. He said federal government which is responsible to meet budgetary needs of AJK should check that where money provided by Pakistan for development is being spent.

He said only those people can present Kashmir case before foreign governments who are practically involved in the freedom struggle. He said Present government in Azad Kashmir is being run by those selected by Mushrraf . He said AJK people should also have right to choose their leaders like the people of Pakistan.

Commenting on the recently held Pagwash Conference in Islamabad, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Mohammad Ghalib said it was a gathering of a pro- Indian leaders and pro freedom Kashmiri leadership had rejected this conference. He said the coalition government headed by Pakistan People Party should revisit policies of the past government and must realize the ground realities in KashmirSANA

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