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Peace jirga to visit Parachinar today


HANGU: A ten-member peace jirga from Orakzai Agency and Hangu is going to visit Parachinar from today (Thursday). The jirga will hold negotiations with the two opponent sides for peace in the region and opening the Hangu-Parachinar Road.

Talking to a private TV channel, Jirga Member Syed Hussain Ali Shah said the peace jirga consisting of ten veterans from Orakzai Agency and Hangu would arrive in Parachinar, where they will hold negotiations with the elders of the parties for lasting peace in the area.

It should be mentioned the Peace Jirga played a very important role in ceasefire following inter-tribes clashes on November 16 in Kurram Agency. Peshawar-Kurram Agency Road is closed for one month in the wake of incidences of kidnappings and killings, whereas, the power supply to the village situated at Pak-Afghan border is suspended for three weeks owing to the collapse of power pylon.-SANA


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