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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

NATO operation in tribal areas not allowed: FO

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ISLAMABAD: Any action by NATO on Pakistan’s soil will be considered as attack on the country, Spokesman of Foreign Office has said. In his weekly briefing, while commenting on the statement of US CIA Chief, Spokesman of the Foreign Office Muhammad Sadiq said NATO forces’ action in tribal areas of Pakistan will be considered as an assault on Pakistan.

The spokesman added Pakistan has repeatedly said that it would not allow any attack inside its territory. He, “All counter-terrorism measures inside Pakistan will be taken by our own security forces. We have also stressed repeatedly that if any country has any specific, actionable intelligence it should be communicated to us and our own security forces will take action based on that information.”

Regarding disposal of nuclear waste in the country, Muhammad Sadiq said it is strictly regulated in accordance with international standards. Sadiq said, “Our nuclear power stations are under IAEA safeguards which not only keep an oversight on their operations but also on storage of nuclear waste which has to be fully accounted for.”-SANA

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